How can I order?

If you're local to the upstate NY area, send us a message here! Add in which cuts you'd like to purchase (pork chop, bacon, sausage, etc) and we'll get right back to you on what we have available.

Can I pick my order up?

Local orders are usually ready within 2 days from purchase. Please wait until you receive confirmation that your order is ready for pickup before arriving. More on local pickup here!

NOTE: during the summer, we attend several farmer's markets where orders can be picked up. Shoot us a message to find out if we're at a market near you! We do not typically attend in any winter markets.

Do you offer shipping?

Not at this time.



What does "pasture-raised" mean?

Our animals are raised on pasture, which means they get to live their lives out in the open air, expressing their natural behaviors. Our animals experience lower stress and don't get sick as often since they get to do what animals are meant to do without much interference from us. Happy, healthy animals are the goal!

What do your animals eat?

Since all of our animals are raised outdoors, they get to eat their natural forages. Our pigs are constantly rooting around for grass, leaves, and plant roots. Since pigs need lots of protein in their diet, we also supplement them with high quality feed so they get everything they need. The feed is formulated at our local feed mill and is not organic or non-GMO.

Are you organic?

Our meat is not certified organic.

Are your animals given antibiotics or hormones?

Our animals are never given hormones. Antibiotics are only used under serious circumstances, which are very rare. All animals are free of antibiotics at the time of harvest.

Are your animals harvested humanely?

Our animals are harvested by a USDA animal-welfare certified butcher.


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