How We Got Started

Wild View Farms was started by us, Abby and Noah. We are first generation farmers with a vision of positively impacting the land around us through Regenerative Farming. We have had the dream of farming together since we met in 2011 and decided to make that dream a reality in 2021. Although we've always had a passion for agriculture, it wasn't until we began learning about Regenerative Farming that we found our true path. Our goal is not only to provide our community with healthy nutrient-dense food, but also to leave the land better than when we found it.

The Animals

Just like our name suggests, here at Wild View Farms, we believe that animals should have the chance to be raised "wild", just like nature intended. Our pastured pigs have 24 hour access to grass, grubs, and roots, as well as a supplement of high quality grain. They are rotated regularly so they always have new forages to graze on.

The Farm

Wild View Farms is located in the heart of the Catskill Mountains in Upstate New York, in a county where there are more cows than people. With long winters and short, warm summers, the Catskills make a beautiful place to farm and raise a family.

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